Frugality: The Pre Shopping Spree Do you Really Need That Test

Why yes, I will spend £50 more to get free shipping to avoid paying £3 for shipping

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You may recall I had a bit of a spring haul earlier this month, hitting up my local shopping centre and buying a whole host of clothing and make-up items, click here if you need a refresher.

The bank balance could have done without it, the wardrobe was in dire need of it!

That said, I could have spent more. Oh yes, I could have spent so much more if I hadn’t been sensible and talked myself out of some of the things I thought I needed before I hit the stores.

Buy less, choose well

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The Curling Tongs

For some time now, I’ve been wanting to achieve the kind of loose, beachy waves that so many blogger and vloggers effortlessly flaunt. A few days before my planned shopping trip I logged onto YouTube to do some research. This YouTuber used this one, another used a different brand, this versions better, no that one… Before I knew it I’d talked myself into buying two, yes two, curling tongs. One larger one for loose waves and another for a tighter curl, similar to the way I wore my hair on my wedding day. Better to be prepared with the correct tools and all that jazz, right?

Erm, no, I soon realised that I had a perfectly good pair of GHDs which I’d never seriously tested out with curling my hair. Maybe I should give them a shot first, before buying more electrical appliances that would end up taking up space and gathering dust in our bedroom.

Amount saved: Approx. £55

The Coconut Oil

Wow! Doesn’t oil pulling sound amazing? The health benefits, the fresh breath. I gotta give it a try. Or, I could just remember to use my mouthwash every night instead. Oh, yeh, maybe I’ll do that instead. D’oh!

Amount saved: Approx. £10

These are just two examples. I think I’d also talked myself in, and out, of buying some new skin care that I’d seen on a vlog channel and some home furnishing items from Homesense.

Think before you spend

I’m not trying to be a killjoy, I love a shopping spree as much as the next person, more so sometimes, but what I am saying is think before you spend. Don’t get caught up in thinking you need things which you really don’t. We’re marketed at from all angles these days and it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that if you buy this product your life will be better. It might be, but it’s unlikely. True contentment comes from within and doesn’t cost a thing!

So, if you’re going shopping this weekend, don’t forget – think before you spend!


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