Fundamentals: Getting the day-to-day done

If I had my way I’d get back from work and settle down for an evening of social media scanning, YouTube playlist viewing and maybe a bit of channel hopping. Obviously if I were to do that I’d get absolutely sod-all done. So, how do I motivate myself to get all the day-to-day shizz done?


I bribe myself.

Yup, in the same way that I get a treat if I complete all of my weekly goals. I also allow myself a small treat if I manage to tick off all the items on my daily to do list.

On an average day my to do list looks something like this…

  • Promote blog
  • Grocery shopping
  • Check holiday entitlement
  • Write blog post
  • Wrap gifts
  • Catch-up on paperwork
  • Order Bioderma
  • Book meal
  • Emails
  • Take out bins and recycling
  • Tidy-up
  • Make dinner
  • Water plants

I’ll scribble the tasks down on a notepad and underneath the list draw a line, before adding in my incentive, my treat if I manage to get all the tasks completed. Often it’s something small, like, watching Made in Chelsea, or taking a hot bath. Not only does it encourage me to get my jobs done it also ensures that, once they are, I can reward myself with some me-time.

As for the weekly goals. Well, yeah, they’re not going so well at the moment. I’ve not actually managed to complete all three goals in any given week so far. On the plus-side it’s saving me a fortune on treats!

How do you motivate yourself?


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