Food: My Healthy Eating Manifesto

I’ll be honest I didn’t do very well at keeping track of my diet. A combination of me being busy, super-forgetful and not very well meant that I only managed it for a couple of days. But I’m persevering and hope to have a weekly food diary to report to you very soon.

In the meantime I thought it was worth setting out why I’m keen to monitor my diet.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not keen on calorie counting. I think you can have a low-calorie diet that is still supremely unhealthy. What I’m more interested in is how balanced my diet is. Am I getting enough protein and carbohydrates? Do I need to worry about the amount of saturated fat I’m eating? Should I up my calcium intake to ward off osteoporosis? What vitamins and minerals am I getting from my food and which ones am I seriously lacking?

I’m trying to look at food in terms of nutrition. Not, how many calories are you? More, what goodness do you have? The other day I was making a small amount of pasta for lunch. I stood back. Sure, there were carbs a-plenty. But what else? I added a bit of cheese to give it some bone-boosting nutrition. Then I reached fridge-wards for some tomatoes. There, that’s better.

And, now, when I look at a can of coke. I truly think. There’s no health benefit in you at all – go away – and pour myself a glass of delicious coconut juice instead.

How do you see food?


4 thoughts on “Food: My Healthy Eating Manifesto

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