Fun: The Art of Doing Nothing (or from FOMO To YOLO)


In this age of FOMO (Fear of Missing out) it’s easy to caught up in trying to do something every millisecond of every day. Even more so when a Bank Holiday weekend rears its head.

 But everyone is out with friends…

Having BBQs…

Drinking Magners…

Going on country walks…

Or out for family meals…

Everyone is having more fun than me…

Or, if they’re not, they’re working on some elaborate DIY project that’s going to make their house more amazing than ours.

So says your marketers-dream subconscious.

On the Friday before the last Bank Holiday Hubby and I faced our own Bank Holiday FOMO moment.

 But we don’t have any plans… We should do something.

We said.

Fortunately, common sense prevailed. So far this year I’ve already visited Sri Lanka, Edinburgh, Bristol (twice), Birmingham, Dudmaston Hall and the National Space Centre. Not to mention gone out for numerous meals and indulged in various shopping sprees. In the coming months we have Soccer Aid, a Robbie Williams gig and a week, well, somewhere to look forward to.

We both agreed, we’d be doing something for the sake of it. Spending money when we didn’t really need to. Our FOMO was soon replaced by YOLO, but not the YOLO that you’re thinking of… no, instead we decided You’re Only Lazy Once-in-a-while as we kicked back, caught up and chilled out.

How did you spend your Bank Holiday weekend?


4 thoughts on “Fun: The Art of Doing Nothing (or from FOMO To YOLO)

  1. I love to spend holidays or weekend chilling out, between working, parenting, and running, I don’t get much time to just sit, lay down, watch TV, or stare at the wall.
    Speaking of the other YOLO though, I like to do things because I know I won’t always be able to. I think used in moderation, it’s a good motto to live by (without the hype).

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