Far away places: Whale and dolphin spotting in Sri Lanka


A 5am start usually has me wincing, but seeing the sun rise over the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka followed by watching dolphins doing their thing in the Indian Ocean made it much oh so much more bearable.

Our faithful Tuk Tuk driver, Bertie, drove us to the busy Mirrissa harbour, which was bustling full of fishermen selling their wares to chefs from hotels and restaurants from all over the island.

Safely seconded on our boat we headed out to sea and kept going and kept going and kept going…

Breakfast was served, although it was an interesting concoction of  a spicy Roti, a mini banana, some bread and butter and a piece of cake that tasted of ice cream. Hmmm.

We headed further and further out and eventually encountered our first dolphins! Amazing!

As we headed further out to sea (I seriously thought we were going to end up in the Maldives) we encountered more groups of these wonderful playful creatures as they played in the boat’s wake, chased alongside us or put on impromptu gymnastics performances by leaping out of the water and spinning in the air in front of us.

Unfortunately we didn’t see any Whales on our trip. But seeing dolphins in their natural habitat was truly amazing.

I’d been on dolphin spotting boat tours in Tenerife before, but they were no where near as good as this excursion. Well worth the early start and certainly something I’d do again when we return to Sri Lanka.

Cost: Depends who you book through

Top Tip: Take your sea legs and belly – that ocean is pretty choppy!

Apologies for the lack of photos. A bouncy sea and taking decent photos don’t mix very well. I did take a few videos which are of the sky, sea, dolphin, sky, sea… variety. Ha, ha! Also that boat at the top isn’t the one you go out in obvs! 




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