Fab and Fail List: Sunday 8th June 2014

The Fab List

My wonderful Hubby booking time off work to look after me post eye operation. Love ya Hubby!

Sunshine filled walks in the country followed by humongous carvey lunches.

Being able to have my eye op in out-patients. No need for off-my-face sedation or having to parade around the ward in my PJs. Yay!

Enjoying being (almost) caffeine free.

The Kardashian’s – my guilty pleasure.

Chilling ma boots.

Exciting event, boring tickets. #robbiewilliams #swingsbothways

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My Robbie tickets arriving in the post.

Treating myself to a new Naked Flushed palette as a treat for completing all of last weeks goals.

The Fail List

Rain, again! I know I’m like a broken record, and, yes, I know it’s good for the garden but seriously?! I think we’ve had enough of the wet stuff now!

The news that Robbie won’t be playing kick about at Socceraid.


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