Fab & Fail: Sunday 15th June 2014

Fab List

Nom! #iscreamforicecream 🍦#oreo

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Oreo ice cream sandwiches – divine!

The Blogacademy home school – if the taster session is anything to go by I need to sign up for the rest!

Robbie Williams at Socceraid 2014

SocceraidRobbie, James McAvoy and a host of other hot men running around a pitch in shorts, raising over £4million for Unicef? Yes please!

Treating myself to a coffee as a treat and not feeling like I need another… addiction officially broken!

Finding balance-ish.

The World Cup. I’ll admit it. I’m enjoying the football more than I thought I would. Literally wanted to jump on the pitch and hug Casillas after the Spain Vs Netherlands match.

Sunshine – love it!

Fail List

A cray cray week at work meaning I didn’t see as much sunshine as I would have liked.

That same cray cray week making me succumb to a daily coffee on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Oops!


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