Food: Falling Off the No Caffeine Wagon


‘Twas Sunday morning. That afternoon we would be heading up to Manchester to watch Socceraid. A host of ex-professional footballers and wannabe celebrities running around at Old Trafford in aid of Unicef. We’d attended the event twice previously. Knowing we’d have a good time the anticipation was high. The energy levels, however, were not.

I’d already satisfied my craving for the taste of coffee with some de-caf. But as we jumped in the car I knew I needed something more. I didn’t want the enjoyment of the match to pass by in a sleepy fug. And so, just before we jumped on the motorway we headed to the Costa machine in the petrol station and decanted ourselves two tasty Vanilla Lattes.

As I supped, I waited for the drug to hit me. It was slow to come, but, oh wait, there it was. My tongue tripped over words as I couldn’t get the thoughts flowing through my brain out fast enough. I was warm, sticky even – but hurrah I was awake and ready to enjoy the match.

We arrived back at home at 1:30am the following morning. We were tired but happy. The thought of work in just few hours played on my mind. Now I’d fallen off the wagon was I going to wake up craving caffeine? Was I going to need a coffee to get me through the day?

Er, no and no – thankfully. It appears I’d broken the addiction.

I did succumb to coffee later in the week, treating myself to a single cup on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It was a treat and something to help me through the day as I faced long hours, tight deadlines and ridiculously repetitive tasks at my day job. But just one cup was enough. There was no craving for a second cup in the afternoon. Hurrah!

So, addiction broken, it seems I can now enjoy a cup of the caffeinated stuff in the same way I enjoy a glass of wine – as an occasional and well-deserved treat.

How do you enjoy your caffeine?


2 thoughts on “Food: Falling Off the No Caffeine Wagon

  1. Well done. I read CAFFEINATED by Murray Carpenter this year, quite interesting. I’m sure I’m addicted even though I don’t drink coffee everyday, but I will have tea or iced tea. I try to save the mug of coffee in the morning for days at work when I need to slog through something or when I have a lot of traveling. Love vanilla lattes.

    • Oh Vanilla Lattes are the best. And Hazelnut ones and don’t even get me started on Frapuccinos – ha, ha! Might have to check that book out. Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

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