Fundamentals: A day in the life

I went to bed last night disappointed. Disappointed with England’s performance in the World Cup. Disappointed with the mango I’d purchased from Tesco for dessert, which I had to throw away because it had gone bad. And disappointed in myself for not getting my blog post for today sorted.

As I was falling to sleep an idea swept through my brain. Why don’t I do something different. And so today fabulous people I will be updating this post throughout the day to give you a day in the life of, well, me. I can’t promise it will be fabulous or fascinating, but I can categorically say, thank f*** it’s Friday!

Keep checking back throughout the day to see how my day pans out!


Alarm belts out on my iPhone. Hit snooze a thousand times.


Check emails & social mediah on my phone whilst still in bed (and trying to wake up). Come across amusing stories like this (and lots of hate for the England football team).


I woke up like dis. Although I did have my eyes open! Blooming bright flash!



Meant to take a photo of my lunch & me doing some online shopping during my lunch break, but I went really lightheaded so ended up wolfing my lunch down and forgetting to take any photos, oops! It was Chicken Terriyaki 6″ sun from Subway incase you’re interested.

Now, back to work…


After a challenging (but amusing) day at work, some retail therapy is in order!


Also got my eyebrows did!


Rounding off the day with Pizza Express and a catch up with the bestie.


Got my car cleaned.

And now I’m home with a cuppa tea.

Not a bad start to the weekend.

Hope you’ve had a good day.


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