Fab & Fail: Sunday 22nd June 2014 (posted on Monday – oops!)

Fab List

The amazing Nike World Cup advert. Seriously, take a look at how magnificent this is…


The weather! Gorgeous is not the word. I’ve actually caught a bit of a tan!


The smug satisfaction of completing a monster project at the day job.

Twinings Apple and Pear Green Tea tea bags – seriously refreshing.

OD’ing on Saccone Jolys vlogs, seriously addicted to this super-cute family.

Feeling proud of myself for finishing a really long book.

Catching up with my bestie.

A yummy date night meal with the hubby.


A super-duper clean car.

Fail List

Getting super stressed out over the monster project at the day job – so much so that I, again, neglected my little blog.

England flag drawn on a chalk board

England’s World Cup performance. We look like a better team, we pass well, we’re quicker, but yet we’re not managing to turn that into results. Hopefully we can iron out the kinks in time for the Euro’s in a couple of years.


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