Fab & Fail: Sunday 29th June 2014

Hope you’ve all had fabulous weeks? Here’s what’s been flourishing and floundering for me this week…

Fab List

J’adore this way of planning out your week. So much more inspiring than a boring list of tasks.

Also loving all the fabulous office-y type things you can purchase from Etsy. There’s a few I could do with for my day job in this post.

Look how far tech has come in this amusing ‘kids react to old computers’ video.

I was addicted to Judy Blume books as a teenager, now it seems she’s writing saucy stuff for us adults.

Porridge made with coconut milk – so I delicious I had to text Hubby at work as soon as I’d tasted the first spoon full.


Beyoncé and Jay Z kicking off their On the Run tour but not bringing it to the UK. Pssst, if you really are ‘on the run’ Carter-Knowles’ our borders really aren’t that secure if media reports are anything to go by you’ll be fine hiding out in the UK for a few nights.

Toothache – the aftermath of accidentally chomping on your cheek can be rather irksome it would seem.

Hayfever – sneezing loads and having toothache ain’t a great combination.

Not having any photos to accompany this blog post. Sorry it’s been another mad week, but on the plus side I’m all caught up now, so expect good things for next week.


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