Fact: Book Review – I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson

I Quit Sugar

Hey, my name’s Sam and I am a sugar addict. There it’s out there. As if you and I didn’t already know this fact? It was proven when I analysed my diet and with my daily chocolate bar habit only the tip of the iceberg, it wasn’t really a shock to me to discover I consume way too much of the sweet stuff.

Up until now I hadn’t felt the need to do anything about it. Sure, I liked sugar. Could be worse? I could smoke, drink heavily, take drugs. Surely having sugar as a vice was OK by comparison? Maybe, but if recent health reports are to be believed sugar isn’t as innocent as its sweet taste makes out. Blamed for obesity, type 2 diabetes and even heart disease – maybe cutting down wasn’t such a bad idea?

One lump or two?

I knew I’d need help and guidance. With caffeine it was fairly easy for me to break the dependence. I’ve dipped in and out of being a coffee and diet coke addict throughout the years, so the stranglehold wasn’t too strong. Sugar and sweetness is ingrained in me. It’s part of who I am. I am known as a chocaholic. When I remember back to my childhood I remember sugar-filled cereals, Lucky Charms, Coco Pops. I see chocolate and sweets as a reward and don’t even get me started on cake. That’s not taking into account all of the added sugars in unlikely food stuffs: tomato ketchup, ready meals and even (and I always find this weird) crisps. My only saving grace is that I don’t put sugar in hot drinks at home (although I do slather them in syrups at Starbucks). Yup, this was never going to be easy and so I purchased Sarah Wilson’s book to guide me through this scary time.

The book contains some upfront advice from Sarah (who has been through the I Quit Sugar process herself), an eight-week detox programme and a host of suitable recipes. I’ll be honest I’ve only got so far as reading the book so far and really need to pencil ink in a start date for the eight-week detox programme if I’m to take this thing seriously.

Vita Coco Coconut Water

Sarah suggests replacing sugar with fat in order to keep yourself from craving the sweet stuff. At first this freaked me out, but having looked through the recipes she does this mostly by using eggs and coconut-based products. The coconut bit made me smile big time. I’m actually sitting here eating porridge made with coconut milk and drinking coconut water as I type.

The thought of detoxing from sugar does scare the sweet heebie jeebies out of me, especially given that we still have leftover Easter chocolate in the house. The other thing that concerns me is whether I’ll actually be able to source some of the ingredients in Sarah’s book from my local stores. Chefs that say ‘all good supermarkets should stock this now’ evidently haven’t visited the ‘burbs of the West Midlands.

Lindt Lindor Caramel

One thing I am keen to do is trial some the of recipes before I attempt the detox programme. At least if I can find some sugar-free alternatives that I like, it’ll make the come down more manageable (hopefully). I’m going to try to the bacon and egg cupcakes first off (definitely ingredients I can source without having to jump on a train to London to raid Whole Foods).

Would I recommend this book? It’s too early to say yet. After all the proof of the pudding is in the… oh wait a minute. What I will say is it’s a good starting point if nothing else. Instead of reaching for a high-sugar cereal this morning I opted for porridge, which shows the low-sugar (if not quite no sugar) thinking is already kicking in. The book is written superbly. You feel like it’s written with love and support, it’s never preachy or doomongering. The recipes are nicely presented, with great photography for most dishes, and they do look scrumptious.

I”m sure there will be more blog posts on this book as I attempt to source the ingredients and ultimately partake in the eight-week detox programme. Until then I’m going to give this book…

Fabulous Rating: 4/5


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