Fangirl: Robbie Williams – Swings Both Ways Tour Review

Well that was rather enjoyable Mr Williams. #robbiewilliams Manchester

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As a long-standing fan, I’m awash with different emotions when watching Robbie perform live. Of course, there’s the awe and the entertainment. Then there’s the swooning like a love-sick teenager. But then there’s also a huge feeling of pride. Robbie’s life choices haven’t always been the best, but seeing him now as a grown-up family man, doing what he does best – well, you can’t help but think that the boy done good.

Robbie does swing brilliantly. He’s got the right voice, the right moves, the right look, the right swagger. It just suits him down to a tee. In his Swings Both Ways tour he takes his talent for swing and applies it not just to some swing classics, but also to some contemporary songs, all delivered with a side-serving of pure cheeky chappy.

The production levels on this tour are amazing, with stunning graphics, seriously talented dancers, swishy lights, Robbie suspended in the air in a fat suit, ticker tape, a duet with his father, a sing-song with a group of adorable kids. It’s visually impressive and impeccably punctuated by Robbie’s signature self-deprecating, yet arrogant, persona.

Wait for me biatches!

He pouts, as he takes to the stage in a polka dot tail-suit to belt out Swings Both Ways.

Highlights? It’s hard to pick, but the acappella version of R Kelly’s Ignition was particularly enjoyable, as was his swinged-up back catalogue medley, Soda Pop was incredibly lively and made for a fitting opening to the second act. Of course, there’s Angels too. No Robbie Williams gig would be complete without the crowd belting this one out. But he also throws in some other sing-along tunes including My Way and Minnie the Moocher. The production of I Wanna Be Like You and No One Likes a Fat Pop Star are brilliant and the opening track, Shine my Shoes, makes for a great entrance. Robbie even manages to sneak in a bit of Let Me Entertain You (kind of).

If you’ve got tickets for any of his forthcoming gigs, I can guarantee that indeed you will be entertained by the cheeky chappy from Stoke. Swing and swagger is what he does best and this tour just oozes both, along with a bit of glitz and glamour. If only the ticket prices weren’t so extortionate I’d consider going again.

Fabulous Rating: 5/5


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