Fab & Fail List: Sunday 6th July 2014

The Fab List

Robbie WIlliams Swings Both Ways

Seeing Robbie – you can read my review of his Swings Both Ways tour here.

Spending some quality time with my hubby.

Victoria and Albert Hotel, Manchester

Our fantastic and bargainous hotel in Manchester.

And now for something slightly different. #Manchester

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Visiting the Manchester United museum at Old Trafford, that’s one ‘place to visit’ ticked off the list. Psst! There’s free entry to the museum at the moment. 

Curling my hair the easy way – plait whilst damp, spritz with hairspray, blast with a hairdryer, leave in plait all day, spray with more hairspray and blast with hairdryer again before releasing the plait and scrunching with more hairspray on the evening – et voila.

Discovering a fantastic (and healthy) local take out.  Sooo yummy!

My recent make-up purchases.

Cheese and Shiraz – that’s my kind of pre-gig snack!

The weather being good enough that I can wear flip flops in the UK. And not just any flip flops.

Starbucks Coco Mocha Frappucinos and lemon chicken melt panninis. So yum! And yep the caffeine did make me go loopy! 

Guess where I was drinking fruity cider last night? #latergram #Manchester

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Cheesy photo opportunities.

Max Paprika crisps

Treating myself to Max Paprika crisps as part of my Boots meal deal.

It's a blue jeans, blue nails kinda day. 💅

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Blue nails.


The Fail List

Manchester closing off one of its main roads for a cycling event on Sunday, making it virtually impossible to navigate to our hotel.

The Manchester United museum. Whilst I’m pleased I’ve visited, after going to the Real Madrid museum it was a bit like comparing Debenhams to Harrods.

A lack of signage and organisation at the Phones-4-U Arena in Manchester (where we went to see Robbie). I’ve never known chaos like it at a concert. Groups of people blocking the main entrances and we even ended up in the wrong seats for a while. Sort it out!


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