Faff: An Update on My Eyes

I tried to discharge you once, but you came back…

Ha, ha! Got to love my eye surgeon with his dead pan delivery.

Yup, I headed to my home from home last week for my post-surgery check-up and I’m pleased to report that the lasering (or welding as I’m now frequently referring to it as) has worked and closed up the small holes.

I also got the go ahead to continue with my yoga (I’d read conflicting reports on the t’interweb so was steering clear of any downward dog antics or other inversions), but was told I can’t box, sky dive or bungee jump – darn it ;-).

It was debatable as to whether I would be discharged, but as I’m still symptomatic (I still get flashes in my right eye) it was decided that I’d return for a check-up in four months to ensure everything was still behaving. Although I’m to present myself to eye casualty if the flashes get worse or if I get any other symptoms before then.

Because of the timing of my appointment, Hubby and I had booked the day off work, and spent the afternoon wandering around our local shopping centre. Me getting odd glances as I kept my shades on to protect my dilated pupils from the bright lights.

Next stop, getting some new specs. I really like these ones. Some new shades and trying out contact lenses again…


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