Fab & Fail: Sunday 13th July 2014

Fab List

Charlotte Tilbury

This make-up look and interview with Charlotte Tilbury in the current edition of Style Birmingham magazine. I love this quote:

I know that makeup can make your day better. The psychology of makeup is interesting. It’s an instant effect so when you look at yourself in the mirror you feel good about yourself and the whole world reacts to you in a happier and more positive way.

This graphic print dress from Wallis. It’s received poor reviews, but I might just have to try it on for myself.

Adding some new book inspiration to my Pinterest board. 

Re-living the Swing Both Ways gig by listening to the live CD of the night we went. Gosh, us screaming crowd were louder than I thought!

This blog post provides some words of wisdom on how to live and love your life. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

The sound of early morning breakfast bowls being scraped for the last morsel of cereal.

Time to start this beauty. #orlakiely #thenotebook #stationerywhore

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New notebooks.

Fail List

Feeling ropey.


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