Fab & Fail List: Sunday 27th July 2014

Fab List

The things I’ve been loving this week are…

The weather. Loving the fact that we’re ACTUALLY having proper summer weather this year. Result!

Getting nostalgic for Sex and the City. These quotes and this video montage has really inspired me to dust off those box sets.

Finding out what’s causing my annoying chin zits, thanks to this YouTube video. Not sure what to do about them mind you?!?!

Sam Smith’s album FINALLY being available on Spotify. This man has the most amazing voice, it’s the musical equivalent of eating Galaxy chocolate whilst laying in satin sheets, wearing cashmere. Love it!

Dreaming of Autumn getaways. We have a week booked off work in a couple of months. Our original plan was to return to Edinburgh, now we’re thinking of jetting sun-wards.

Hot chocolate – yep, I know it’s almost 30º outside, but whether it’s Green and Blacks instant hot chocolate, or a lowly chocomilk from the vending machine at work I’m loving myself some hot chocolate action. I’m thinking it’s my coffee replacement, maybe?! Don’t worry I’m limiting myself to one mug per day, lest I get addicted to this stuff instead.

Spending Tuesday morning by the river in Worcester and getting paid for it. Yay for the day job!

TOTAL NOMMAGE! #Magnum #Almond #IScreamForIceCream #Summer 🍦

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Almond Magnums – so yumsome.

Getting the new NEXT directories. Sure, whilst the sun has still got its hat on I don’t really want to be thinking of Autumn clothing… but NEXT has some really gorgeous pieces that I might just have to. Roll on pay day!

Caudalie Beauty Elixr – keeping me cool (and awake) on frightfully hot days.

Reading – you may have noticed I’ve been a bit of a bookworm just recently and I’m really enjoying it.

Trying out contact lenses again after a two year sabbatical. 👀

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Trying out contact lenses again after a two year sabbatical.

Fail List

And the things making me go meh are…

Washing up – so nice to dunk your hands in hot water in the winter, blooming sweaty work in the summer. Phew! Housework and hot weather aren’t a good match it would seem.

Feeling a little overwhelmed – a host of to do tasks to tick off in the day job and a living room full of odds and sods as we start decorating the spare room. Argh!

Not having air con in my car – toasty, much?

Pesky chin zits.

How has your week been?


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