Fun & Fast Cars: My Nissan GTR Experience

Sam & the GTR

Are you going to go fast?

I asked the driver.

Before I knew it my head was pinned back onto the headrest and I had an ear-to-ear grin on my face.

We’d gone to the track day in Seighford so that Hubby’s Dad could redeem a gift voucher we’d purchased for him for his birthday, giving him the opportunity to drive the beast that is the Nissan GTR. Hubby didn’t need much encouragement to sign-up for a go in the high-speed motor on the day, especially as his Dad seemed so keen for someone to share the experience with him. Sure, they’d drive at different times but just having that other person who knew what you were talking about when you spoke of gear shifts, acceleration and over-taking Ferrari’s as if they were parked-up meant a lot.

Nissan GTR

Seeing the sexy Nissan GTR brought back happy memories for all of us. Rather untraditionally Hubby and his best man (his Dad) got the wedding car on our big day, with me choosing to get ready at the venue. A traditional wedding car wouldn’t have been right for a groom’s entrance and so he arrived in style (and speed) in the GTR. I was too busy getting my hair and make-up done, but if the crowds of guys around the car after the ceremony were anything to go by, I would imagine Hubby arrived to some envious stares.

Anyway, back to Seighford. As Hubby queued to pay up for his drive. I noticed a board offering high-speed passenger rides. I’m not the most confident of drivers and with my slightly wonky eyes didn’t feel courageous enough to take a £78,000 supercar for a spin. But I still wanted to experience it for myself, so I paid up and waited for my name to be called ready for my two lap excursion around the track.

Nissan GTR Interior

The first thing I have to say is that the GTR is a thing of beauty. It just looks swishy and sexy and sporty without being poncey or chavvy. The dials, the trim. It’s also, dare I say it, reasonably practical for a sports car – certainly more so than a flashy Lambo. And, more importantly it looks meaty, but not showy. To those who aren’t aware of its power they really could be fooled that they could beat you off the line in their mom’s old Peugeot 206 with added noisy exhaust. Aptly enough Hubby and I recently spotted a GTR with a personalised plate which spelt out – YOU LOSE – indeed you would.

As for my two laps. Sure they were over in a blink of an eye, but I have seriously never known acceleration like it. Going around with the instructor driving was actually brilliant as he knew how to push the car to its limits. Despite the wet weather he continually took the racing line, overtaking EVERYTHING on the track and leaving turns and breaking to the very last second. Making for an exciting drive that made me want to get all Tellytubby and demand ‘again, again!’.  You know when Jeremy Clarkson gets in a supercar that he loves on Top Gear and screams ‘POWERRRR’ before wetting his pants (possibly) – that was, almost, me.

If you like fast powerful cars, adrenalin rushes and things that make you smile – then get your butt in a Nissan GTR pronto!

You can find out more about track days at Seighford here.


3 thoughts on “Fun & Fast Cars: My Nissan GTR Experience

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  2. The wedding situation is exactly the same for me….
    I am desperate to find someone who is willing to chauffeur drive their nissan gtr for my other half and his best man…. As a suprise obviously.

    Any ideas how i can make this a reality…
    Which company did you use. Im in lancashire
    Thanks carly

    • Hi Carly, Hope the wedding planning is coming along well? We used a company in the West Midlands called RS Wedding Cars. They don’t have a website at present but this seems to be the phone number for them, 0121 505 6558. Not sure if they’ll cover Lancashire though. I think we found them at a local wedding fair, or in the info pack we picked up at a local wedding fair, so it might be worth keeping an eye out for companies like this near to you. You can also purchase driving experiences for the GTR, which could be a good wedding gift or surprise for his stag do maybe? Good luck sourcing one for him.

      Oh and just bear in mind there’s not a lot of room in the back for the best man – the high speed ride should make up for this fact, but it’s worth bearing in mind in case your best man is incredibly tall or something 🙂

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