Fab & Fail: Sunday 3rd August 2014

My loves and loathes of the past week…

Fab List

Estadio Santiago Bernabeu

The 2014/2015 La Liga fixtures for Real Madrid finally being released AND Real Madrid signing James Rodriguez. I feel I may need to see the new team line-up for myself. Hala Madrid!

Keeping an eye on holidays for the Autumn and watching the prices slowly drop. Speaking of which, this quote on my calendar seemed kinda apt given my most recent reading material.

Cruising around in my car with the Iggy Azalea pumping out. Shake it, break it, make it BOUNCE!

The return of the pointy flat. The last time these were properly in I was doing work experience in London at various magazines. The return of these shoes reminds me of happy times and makes me want to live the dream. I’ll have a pair in every colour please. Wonder if wearing them with patterned fish net pop socks will be the fashion this Autumn/Winter like it was back in the early 00’s?

Lazy Saturday’s.

FINALLY getting around to doing something I’ve been meaning to do for about two years!

Reminiscing about my high-speed drive in a Nissan GTR. Loves me a fast car!

Getting my read on.

Fail List

When internet banking gets stressful. Too many sodding passwords, not enough time.

Sunday drivers, especially when they’re driving like it’s a Sunday on a Monday! Seriously doing 40mph down a motorway slip road is dangerous and crawling towards a green light, so that by the time you reach it it’s changed to red is just plain annoying. Grr!

Neighbours deciding to go outside for a cigarette at 4:30am on a Friday morning, having loud conversations and waking me up. Seriously? Not cool.

Useless delivery companies despatching two parts of the same product on separate delivery vans, resulting in one not being delivered and us ending up at the depot (which felt like a prison) in the armpit of the Black Country. Sheesh!


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