Fulfilment: My Post Holiday Resolutions Five Months On

Remember, when I got back from holiday and I was full of…

Jet lag?

Yes… No…

OK, after holiday, once I’d been to see our ‘Yonce?

Ah, yes, when you made those resolutions? Things you were inspired to do, or try, having seen another corner of the world?

Indeed I did, and the other day I uncovered the page in my notebook where I scrawled them down, so I thought I’d give you a quick update on how I’m getting along.

Start doing yoga again – You may recall I was reluctant to start this again for fear that too many inversions might aggravate my detached retina. However, my eye surgeon seemed to think it would be fine (although he did tell me to steer clear of martial arts, bungee jumping and sky-diving). Since then? Well I’ve not signed up to any yoga classes as yet simply because the days clashed with other things and there’s no point paying for a term of lessons if you can only attend a couple. I have been doing the odd routine at home though. I’m not where I want to be with my yoga just yet, but I am back to enjoying it every once in a while again so it’s a good start.

Find out my Ayurvedic type – Erm, I’ve done precisely nothing about this. I google local practitioners, look at the costs, worry they’re going to give me an enema and then close the laptop and walk away. Big. Fat. Fail.

From Pinterest

Buddhism – Again, I’ve not done much in terms of this since getting back from Sri Lanka (unless you count pinning inspirational Buddhist quotes onto my ‘Sayings I like’ board on Pinterest? Or stroking my cotton bracelet given to me by a monk). That said, there’s a Buddhist group meeting in my vicinity from 3rd September, so I’ve added it to the calendar and will pop along to see what it’s all about. For some reason I feel quite nervous about it which is completely daft. I’ll let you know how I get on.

#latergram #lunch #sushi 🍤🍣

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Learn how to make sushi – Nope, not done anything. Well, I’ve eaten a bit of sushi and found a really good place at Merry Hill to buy fresh sushi, but nothing in terms of making my own, sorry!

Master eye-liner – I have purchased some gel eye-liner. I have even gone so far as to apply it on a number of occasions, but that’s not to say I’ve mastered it just yet. Oh no, far from it. Look out for a blog post on this very subject in the coming weeks!

Learn to swim – We’re thinking of going on holiday again in September. How amazing would it be if I could confidently jump in the pool and complete a few lengths? To be honest, I’d settle for wading in and completing a couple of widths! My nearest leisure centre now only hosts adult swimming lessons on weekdays, which for full-time worker – like me – is useless. I have found some courses not far away that I may try. I just want to source some prescription goggles first. Being nervous of water AND not being able to see properly might be more than my worry-wart brain can cope with. I’ll be looking to source those in the next month.

Eat more healthy – Well I did try. I wouldn’t say I’m massively healthy at the moment, but the desire to get back on track with the salad and vegetables is still there… it’s just that the pizza and cake is more tempting…

So, that’s where I’m at five months in. Baby steps, but not great shakes – right? I’ll keep you updated on how I progress through the rest of the year.

How do you make sure you stay on track with your goals?



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