Fun & Faff: Where have I been?

Me in my natural habitat. #coffeeshop #nordicbakery #yum #daytrip #london

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Apologies I got rather caught up in that thing they call life there and didn’t find the time to blog for a little while. What the heck have I been doing you ask? Well, over the past couple of weeks I’ve been…

Working really hard at the day job

I’m working on a massive, and very challenging, project at the moment. It’s all good, but hard work and sometimes very tiring. Some evenings the last thing I’ve wanted to do is look at a computer screen when I get home, hence the lack of blogs.

Building wardrobes

Well, Hubby did this in the most part, but I did help by deciding where shelves should be stacked and drawers should be hung. I’m loving how organised our apartment is just by the addition of this one piece of furniture. God bless you Ikea!

I ❤️cake! #Claridges #London #fabdaywiththefam #afternoontea

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Enjoying afternoon tea at Claridge’s

Oh my! When we first booked this I balked at the cost (£50 per head), but now having been and experienced the magic of Claridge’s, I have to say it’s worth every penny. I’ll do a separate blog post about this soon. But, for now, let’s just say: more cake than even I can eat AND there’s a lady in the toilets who turns the tap on for you and checks the temperature of the water before you wash your hands. Opulent, posh and amazing.

Oh hello Big Ben! #FabDayWithTheFam #London #LondonEye

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More London-y stuff

As well as afternoon tea, we also strolled around London. Took in Westiminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, Covent Garden, Downing Street, Horseguard’s Parade and Buckingham Palace. We also took a spin on the London Eye.

And yet more London-y stuff

Not content with a weekend in the big smoke. Hubby and I returned at the weekend to do a bit more of the touristy stuff. We visited the Freud Museum and the Imperial War Museum and walked for miles.

Catching up with friends and family

‘Cause that’s a nice thing to do y’know.

Watching Keeping up With the Kardashian’s and Made in Chelsea NYC

Because after a stressful day at work you can’t beat some trash TV.

Enjoying having a stay at home Hubby

Hubby took last week off work and it was very nice and indulgent having him look after after me when I got home from work.

Booking a holiday

More on this soon, but we’ll be going away again in a few weeks – whoop, and indeed, whoop!

Boring stuff

Because sometimes you’ve gotta cook, clean and sleep. That’s just life.

So, now we’re all caught up and I’ll be back with some more blog posts very soon.

What have you been doing? Let me know in the comments box.


3 thoughts on “Fun & Faff: Where have I been?

    • Thanks Britney. Simply go to Instagram. Click to open the image that you want to place on your blog page and then copy the URL from the address bar at the top and paste it into your blog post. Well, that’s what works for me anyhow.

      Thanks for stopping by and sorry it took so long to reply to your comment. Things at my day job have been a bit manic just recently 🙂 x

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