Finance: The Cash Challenge – The Results

So how did I get on with the cash challenge?

Two words… EPIC FAIL. Why do I have so little willpower?

OK, so I must try harder in future. But in keeping with the theme of failure, here are some of my favourite ‘epic fails’ courtesy of Pinterest. Enjoy!

And finally some words of wisdom from a lady who knows it’s OK to fail sometimes, so long as you pick yourself up, brush yourself off and keep trying…

What have you failed at today?


Failure, Fashion and Festivities – Today’s Been Full of It

It’s just a bad day

not a bad life

I’ve seen your eyes you were bona fide

born to fight

Lyrics from Reverse from Robbie Williams’ brilliant new album, Take The Crown. Totally feeling those lyrics today.

I should have known it was going to be  a bad day when I couldn’t track down my pen to write my morning gratitude list on the bus on the way into work this morning. I had to key it into my iPhone instead. It’s weird, but that’s just not as soothing as putting pen to paper.

Anyway, determined not to let a bad day at the office get me down too much I headed to Merry Hill to fulfil my festive obligations for the day. They were….

1. To buy a Christmas present for myself

2. To buy something new for Christmas day

3. To buy the Christmas edition of the Radio Times

I must admit that not having enjoyed the best of starts to the day meant I was shuffling around the shopping centre, as opposed to skipping around with festive glee. But I guessed some retail therapy would do me good so shuffle I did. I now have…

Tots Amaze Vest Top

1. A Christmas present for myself by way of this totes amaze ‘Totes Amaze’ vest top. OK I may have cheated a bit here and ordered this whilst watching Made in Chelsea last night, but the lovely Binky tweeted a discount code for 30% off which was just too good to miss. Anyway, I’m looking forward to that arriving before the end of the week.

Christmas nail polish

Elmo Christmas T-shirt

2. Some new sparkly nail polish and a tres tacky, yet cute, T-shirt to wear on Christmas day.

Christmas Radio Times 2012

3. The Christmas edition of the Radio Times. Which really means I need to get off here, find my trusty highlighter and start marking up the programmes I want to watch over the festive period.

Flu: An Open Letter to My Lurg


Feeling rough, looking rough

Dear Lurg,

This has to stop. The fact that you have resurfaced four times in the past eleven weeks is just NOT ACCEPTABLE. Do you get that? NOT ACCEPTABLE. You made me write in capitals. Twice. That’s how strongly I feel about this.

Now you’ve had your fun. You’ve spoiled some of my early festive plans, so now GO AWAY and let me enjoy the build-up to Christmas without a sore throat, runny nose, cough, headache or any of your other annoying symptoms. And energy? Yes, I would like some of that back too please. You obviously know where I live so please return it pronto.

Please give me back my taste buds so I can once again enjoy tea, Starbucks red cups, chocolate and other festive indulgences. I have a hot chocolate recipe which I am simply desperate to make, but there seems little point when my mouth tastes like I’ve been licking the armpit of a tramp whose just completed a Zumba class.

PAY ATTENTION! I’ve been taking those vitamin c and Echinacea tablets for a reason. The same reason that I’ve been eating enormous amounts of vegetables and not going out with wet hair. The reason? To ward you off!




Flu? So Not Fabulous

OK, so I can’t categorically say that the lurg I had was flu, but it was close. I spent most of the weekend in bed. If I wasn’t in bed I was lounging on the sofa catching up on cookery shows, or in the bath – trying to soak those aches and pains away. The lurg invaded my body on Wednesday and started with a slightly tickly throat. By Friday my throat was killing me and I was left unable to speak and making a delightful (?) clicky noise every time I swallowed.

I seem to have become a pro at this ‘being ill’ thing. This marks the third lurg I’ve had in nine weeks. All with the same symptoms. Some would say it’s a sign of something else. My doctor just says I’m just ‘unlucky’ and keep catching different viral infections. Joy!

Either way, I’m sick of being sick. So starting today I am trying to boost my immune system in a way that, whilst not scientifically proven, I think might work for me, which is why…


I’m up at this ungodly hour – 6am to be precise. I had a nice romantic notion that I would sit at the laptop writing my blog whilst looking out of the juliet balcony and watching the sunrise. Tsk, it’s still the middle of the night out there! But one has to get up early to fit all this healthy malarkey in it would seem…

Drinking a vitamin C drink. OK, so there is some science here. The doctor recommended I take 1000mg of vitamin c and zinc everyday to ward off any other nasties. According to the packaging on my chosen vitamin c supplement, the body is unable to store vitamin c for any length of time and therefore it needs to be replenished.

Taking Echinacea – jury is out on this one. It’s a herbal cold remedy which the doctor suggested. Not two things which usually go together.

Drinking green tea/trying to cut down on my caffeine intake – s’gotta help surely?


Eating porridge – known for its cholestrohl beating properties, anyone who knows me in real life will know that me eating breakfast at all is an amazing feat. I tend to be a grab something ‘on the go’ kinda gal most days.

Catching the bus to work – whilst I sort my finances so I can purchase my dream car (my dream car being one that has four wheels and drives) I have been walking to work. Now whilst walking (a very hilly) two miles to work and back has gotta be healthy as the weather has become decidedly chilly and down-right soggy I thought it wasn’t the best plan for someone who evidently already has a cr*p immune system. So this week I’ll be experimenting as to which bus route gets me to work the quickest and the smoothest (I know my life is just full of glamour).

Doing the Tara Stiles 7-week-plan. OK so I’m a little late to the party. But being a (lapsed) lover of yoga – following a feel-good programme has gotta help hasn’t it..? Hasn’t it?

I’ll let you know if I’m blowing my nose into Kleenex Balsam again before the year is out.

What are your stay-well strategies?

Fashion and Festivities: Saturday Shopping

Sometimes I’m not entirely sure I’m cut out for this blogging malarkey.

Y’see I got so carried away catching up with my lovely mommy; eating, drinking, being merry; and trawling the shops for Christmas presents for my nearest and dearest that the photo diary didn’t happen. Oops!

On the plus side, I often think life is better lived in three-dimensions instead of through the lens of a camera/iPhone.

So… apologies you missed out on the fun times in this instance. I would post photos of my shopping trawl, but being as it’s all Christmas gifts it would rather give the game away…and we don’t want a double oops now do we?

P.S. White Stuff didn’t have any of the clothes I’d ear-marked from their catalogue. Boo hiss!