Films: Why I Love The Library Part 2

Image Credit: Simply Recipes

Hubby and I aren’t what you would call regular cinema goers. It’s not that we don’t enjoy spending an hour or so with a tub of popcorn absorbing the latest Hollywood blockbuster. It’s just that we don’t always get around to it. So we took the onset of the snowy weather as our cue to catch up on some movies.

We gave up on Love Film a while ago, when we realised that disks were gathering dust whilst they remained unwatched on top of the DVD player. So instead we’ve turned our attentions to the subscription-free BlinkBox. But in typical 1000 channels to watch, but nothing on style – we couldn’t find anything we fancied and so headed to the library.

Granted the selection of DVDs available from the library isn’t massive. If you’re more up-to-date with your films than we are and you don’t fancy a classic, a foreign film, or a movie adaption of book – then you might want to give the library a miss. But for us it was a treasure trove of little gems that we had forgotten about. And, they’re so cheap to rent too – £2 per DVD and you get to keep them for the whole week!

We opted for Inception (which was brilliant, but left me with a furrowed brow from all the concentrating on the plot) and One Day (very sentimental and true to the book, although Anne Hathaway’s accent was dreadful).

Cheap DVD rental – just another reason why I love my local library.