Fixtures & Fittings: Inspiration for Our Bedroom

We’ve been working on adding some character to our new-build apartment for some time now. When we moved in four years ago it was a sea of magnolia, and it still largely is. We’ve added our own touches to the lounge and the main bathroom, but the rest is still waiting to be transformed.


With the promise of spring (and Bank Holiday weekends) around the corner, we’re keen to up-tools and continue where we left off.

Trouble was, we weren’t sure what look to go for in some of our rooms, for example our bedroom. Currently a mish-mash of furniture from my teenage bedroom, hand me downs from hubby’s nan and our gorgeous and super comfy oak bed – it’s no boudoir that’s for sure. The amount of wallpaper samples we’ve bought home and held against the wall, before tutting and decrying they’re no good is untrue.

Next advert

Anyway, inspiration struck whilst I was taking a bath on Thursday evening. There I was zoning out, flicking through the latest copy of Red magazine when I spotted this advert from Next. I loved the colour of the walls – understated, but classy and peaceful – and I adored how the white furniture ‘popped’ against it.

Clean, dry and pampered I logged onto the t’interweb. The furniture from Next was lovely but didn’t include a configuration which would work in our room. But now  I was sold on white furniture. I logged onto the M&S website and found these beauties. Perfect, they would match our existing built-in wardrobes, stand-out against the walls and give the room a New England type of vibe.

Bedroom Moodbaord

From there came this mood board of gorgeousness – et voila! Our decorating plan for our bedroom is complete – now to afford it!