Follower: The ‘I Love Spring’ Tag

I’m writing this blog post a little ahead of schedule. Today has been a balmy 20ºC, practically a summers day by British standards. Yet I turned on the TV this evening to find a Christmas special episode of The Simpson’s. One things for sure, seasons ain’t what they used to be! Regardless, I thought I’d tackle the ‘I love spring’ tag that’s been doing the rounds in Blogsville.

Plain nails

1. Favourite spring nail polish

Although I love my day job, sometimes it’s  less glamorous than I’d like. Lugging around dirty cardboard boxes, taking packages through the factory and warehouse to despatch and rolling my sleeves up to participate in stock-take have all meant that having pretty nails hasn’t been a spring priority for me. So, rather boringly, I’m going to have to say au naturel – at least it’s giving my talons a break from all that polish abuse.

The Body Shop Lipstick and lip gloss

2. Must have spring lip colour

With the advent of the warmer weather and lighter nights it seems only fitting to resign my darker plum hues to the bottom of my make-up bag, but neither is it quite time for in-your-face fuchsia brights. For that reason, I’ve been favouring a neutral lip just recently. It goes perfectly with this season’s pastels trend and sets off your make-up with a classic ‘your lips, but better’ look. I’ve actually dusted off the lipstick and gloss I wore on my wedding day and have been slicking those on for a polished pout.

The Body Shop Lipstick, in shade 54 (no longer stocked)
The Body Shop Hi-Shine Lip Treatment, shade 10 – perfectly pink (no longer stocked)

3. Show us your favourite spring dress

My favourite spring dress unfortunately, is not hanging in my wardrobe as yet, as I’ve been unable to track it down in my size. Boo and, indeed, hiss!


4. Favourite flower

Roses are my ultimate favourite, but I think they’re more of a summer bloom. In terms of spring flowers you can’t beat a swathe of bluebells carpeting a forest floor. Just beautiful.

Jewelled collar necklace

5. Favourite spring scarf/accessory

This fun beaded collar style necklace adds a touch of colour to a simple T-shirt and jeans and is on-trend with this season’s pastel shades. Plus, at just £6 from Primark – it was an absolute bargain.

6. What spring trends are you most looking forward to?

Colour! It’s absolutely brilliant to walk into any high street store at the moment and be hit with a vibrant sea of colour and pattern. Pastels, florals, neons – I love them all.

7. Favourite spring candle

Who needs a scented candle when spring already smells so sweet? Early evening I’m flinging the windows open and allowing the fresh air to perfume my home. Then, later, as night draws in I simply light two plain church pillar candles as I hunker down on the sofa for the evening. Bliss.

Marc Jacobs Daisy

8. Favourite perfume/body spray

Alas, a decent spring scent is seriously lacking in my perfume collection at the moment. If money were no object I’d splurge on a bottle of Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede, or purchase another bottle of Daisy Eau so Fresh by Marc Jacobs – my wedding day scent which, with its floral notes, is perfectly matched to spring and, of course, brings back very happy memories.

Kinver Edge

9. What is spring like where you live?

Expect the unexpected. Wear layers. Don’t put your winter clothes away too readily. Spring can mean snow, or steaming hot days. More often than not it means grey skies and rain, but then, that’s just England in general. Regardless of the weather spring is a season with lots of visual cues – vibrant flowers bloom, birds chirp happily, baby lambs spring around grassy fields and hoards of Brits dig out their summer clothes prematurely to reveal milk bottle hued limbs.

10. What is your favourite thing about spring?

Lighter nights! Rather than getting home and wanting to hibernate the evenings are full of opportunity, shall I go for a run, out for dinner, simply sit outside and sup an iced green tea or just get on with some chores. Whatever I’m doing it’s so much easier when the night’s are brighter.

11. Are you a spring cleaner?

I try to keep our apartment spick and span all year around, with a weekly cleaning schedule – boring, but necessary. I do deep clean various parts our home, but I spread this out throughout the year. I don’t see the point in scheduling it all for spring.


12. Any plans for spring break or upcoming vacations

Spring Break? Hmm. You don’t really get such luxuries at my age! We’ve already had our main holiday this year. I guess we’ll have some days out throughout spring and we are staying the night in Manchester when we go to see Robbie Williams next month. Other than that we’re more likely to go away for our wedding anniversary in October, unless we can fit a weekend away in between now and then.

Well, that’s me. Now I tag YOU! Tackle these questions and leave a link below. I’d love to find out what you love about spring.