Follow Me: Wow! Fifty Fabulous Followers!

Image Credit: Irrefutable Success

It’s been a busy old bank holiday weekend here at Fabulous-towers, but I just wanted to pop by and say WOW and THANK YOU!

Fabulous and Other F* Words has just hit 50 followers! Not only does that give me the opportunity to indulge in some lovely alliteration in my headline, but it also makes me very, very happy.

I don’t really have a set agenda with this blog. Sure, I’d love to be able to use it as some kind of portfolio in order for me to get some paid-for writing work. And, yeah, making some money out of it would be great. But the main over-riding reason that I do it? To experiment. To trial out writing about different topics and in different styles and see how they’re received. An online writer’s group if you will.

Quite often I’m not sure what I’m going to wind up writing about, so the very fact that 50 people find my inane bloggy chitter chatter worthwhile of a follow is very, very, well, amazing and most definitely fabulous.

Thank you so much I started it for the experimentation, I keep it going for you…

Hugs to my fabulous followers xx