Film: Is There Anything You Can’t Learn From YouTube?

Remember the olden days when you wanted to know something and had to go to the trouble of asking someone? Or, worse still, track down a book on the subject? Now we have smartphones every ‘oh what have I seen him in before?’ query can be instantly answered, songs can be tracked down through Shazam and purchased immediately through iTunes. Yep, the world is certainly a’changing. And do you know what? I like it. It’s opened up my world to a whole load of things I’d probably never have learned without the t’interweb, especially YouTube. Oh my word YouTube. Is there NOTHING you can’t learn from YouTube?

Here for your reference and viewing pleasure are some of the things I’ve learnt courtesy of YouTube…

How to use dry shampoo properly

How to apply eye-shadow properly

How to apply fake tan

That Collection make the best affordable concealer

How to style my hair like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

That if I ever win the lottery I am so staying in the penthouse suite at The Palm, Atlantis in Dubai

That Lush’s Christmas bath bombs are amazing

How to walk in heels

That kids say the most embarrassing things