Five Things: Random Facts Part Six

Some more! Enjoy!

1. I’ve also accidently grilled Pain au Chocolat which was also inedible

2. I used to have a Madonna-esque gap between my two front teeth until my wisdom teeth showed up

3. I’m flat footed

4. I’m a cat person, but I’ve never owned one

5. Even though I’m 33 I still love Elmo. I love my Elmo PJs and my Tickle Me Elmo takes pride of place in my lounge!


Five Things: Random Facts Part Five

Here goes, enjoy!

1. I sold my first car to the bacon sarnie van man

2. I voted for Jahmene in last year’s X-Factor

3. My first memory is being on holiday with my parents and being given an orange biro to play with – clearly, I’ve always been a stationery whore!

4. I like to use the appropriate mug dependent on the type of drink I’m consuming.

5. I once accidently grilled pasta bake… it was inedible.

Five Things: Random Facts Part Four

The bizarre facts just keep on coming, enjoy!

1. I’m also geeky about paper…

2. …and a total stationery whore

3. For many years I thought ‘atenerate’ was a word, until I realised my dear nan was just saying ‘at any rate’ very quickly

4. My first car was a Citeron Saxo

5. I’m only on car number two at the moment – it’s a Vauxhall Corsa

Five Things: Random Facts Part Three


Some more randomness, enjoy!

1. I’ve met one of the First Sea Lords (top dog of the British Navy) and very nice he was too!

2. I once fell down an escalator at a tube station and was picked up by a granny at the bottom (cringe).

3. I firmly believe that the correct time for your first piece of chocolate is 10am each day. Unless you’re having Pain au Chocolat or Nutella – then it’s never too early!

4. I adore Veuve Cliquot champagne

5. I’m a bit geeky when it comes to airplanes

Five Things: Random Facts Part Two


Here’s your second-dose of random facts about me, enjoy!

1. I used to be a massive Thatter and even hung out at some of their houses (on the pavement outside…).

2. On one of my work experience assignments I had to charter a helicopter to fly over Tim Henman’s house.

3. I once literally ran into Eddie Izzard whislt out for my morning jog. He was in a suit, supping a cup of tea on the pavement up the road from where I live. Not exactly who you expect to stumble upon in the ‘burbs.

4. One of my most memorable experiences was taking a boat ride up the Kinabatangan River in Borneo.

5. I struggle to pronounce ‘strategic’ which was awkward when I was a Marketing Exectuive looking after Military and Strategic Studies books.

Five Things: Random Facts Part One

DSCN1909Strangely, I’m not allergic to watermelon

I always find those ’25 random facts about me’ style-blog posts somewhat compelling to read. So, I thought I’d give it a shot myself. No long list though. In keeping with the ‘f’ theme, here’s five facts which you might have not known about me. I’ll post some more soon. Enjoy!

1. I’m allergic to peanuts, kiwi and melon

2. My middle-name is Jayne – just don’t forget the ‘y’, OK?

3. When my mom calls me ‘Samanth’ I know I’m in trouble

4. Hubby and I have matching chin scars, although from completely unrelated childhood incidents

5. The only pet I’ve ever owned was a goldfish who I named Joey after one of the members of New Kids on the Block