Fun: Oops!

Well, that was a bit of an unplanned sabbatical. I didn’t really mean to take a month off from blogging. At first a family holiday in Devon with limited internet access scuppered my plans to blog. Then I got really busy on the day job front. And then, well, I think I kind of enjoyed playing hooky in the sunshine, so I just rolled with it…

Home made iced green tea with honey. Delish!

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I’ll give you a more in-depth update on some of the more exciting things which I’ve been up to during my time away from the blog soon, but here’s a brief catch up on what I’ve been up to over the past month…

* Basking in the glory that was Robbie Williams live at Wembley (oh yes!) * Heading on a road trip down motorways and country lanes (and even past Stonehenge) to Devon * Enjoying a family break in Devon, complete with resident seagull * Cheeking my Father-in-Law * Enjoying the sunshine * Eating copious amounts of ice cream * Enjoying a few BBQs * Making my own green iced tea * Slapping on the suncream * Decorating * Upgrading some of our tech * Taking in the view from The Shard * Whooping with joy when my car passed it’s MOT (with flying colours, no less… well that’s what the man at the garage said anyway) * Ebaying our old tech * Heading to Bristol for work for two nights * Catching up with friends * Planning our next move on the property ladder * Reading * Listening to the new Jay Z album * Trying to get my yoga groove back on * Snoozing * Enjoying lunchtimes in the park next door to my work place * Discovering that Stella Cidre is actually quite nice * Getting retro with some choc ices * Having the mother of all sort outs * Getting our oven fixed * Planning our next holiday *

Not a bad way to while away a bit of skive time, I’m sure you’ll agree? What have you been up to my lovelies?


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